Cooper, a bijou fish of Kafuebream family who like to spend most of the time with his family.  Two months ago he had celebrated his second birthday along with Catla - Catla, Rohu, Actinopterygii, Cichlidae and Ephydatia fluviatilis, a river sponge but it turned out to be  Woebegon.  Cooper and Spongy were best buddies although they had no similarities. Cooper and her beau svelte sister Kaira felt bad for spongy cause he cannot move from his habitat.
It was a monotonous day, the warm sun rays started falling on the chilled water after the long winter night.
The Salmon coloured lotus bud started to open its spectacular petals inviting colourful butterflies and insects to kiss them and initiate the process of pollination.

Cooper,  “Mom, please don’t squawk.  Let me sleep for another five minutes. Sun uncle has spread the blanket of warmness in the chilled water. I wanna to sleep more.”  Mom, “My dear Cooper, you are already late incomparison to your daily schedule. Get up soon child.  It’s your birthday that you had been waiting long.

Kaira,  “Imprudent !  Let’s go to spongy and play in the bed of flowers.”

After a few minutes both of them went to spongy.  He was very excited to see his birthday buddy visiting him.

Spongy felt very bad considering himself paralysed and being not able to  go Cooper’s home and greet him.

They had a great time altogether.

Kaira, “Guys,  Let’s  have some cappuchino.”

She quickly went to the bed of flowers which had Broadleaf arrowhead, Water Thorn,  Water Lilies,  Lotus and Water Poppy.

All of them preferred to  Water Poppy  Cappuchino and with a  satisfactory smile had a hot sip.

Before going to start his birthday party he waited for his father who had gone to another river  a  month ago for collecting different food materials such as bloodworms, Krill, Shrim, Zooplankton and few phytoplanktons for the celebration night.

Cooper, “Mom, when dad will be back ? I think he forget the occasion.”

Mom,  “Tiny,  he will be reaching now.  Must be on the way with a lot of gifts for his affectionate Cooper.

Suddenly, the sky turned black with monster like huge clouds in the winter. The fragrance of  petrichor travel in the air.

All of them were appalled with the sudden news of departure of Cooper’s dad.

His mother, Kaira and spongy all were wet with million drops of tear which combined with the rain drop and disappear in the water hidding their sorrow.

Cooper,   “Mom don’t inform granny about this.  She is too old to resist the news of her son’s death.”

The next day they found a small Eicchornia crassipes,  a  hydrophyte  is growing.

The feather of silency continued upto many days.

Enquiry went on to find the cause of Cooper’s  dads’ death.

Cooper never went to the school of swimming and self protection for learning escaping techniques from fishing traps.

This tiny one used to spend his time with his granny,  listening the tale of their ancestors,  “The beautiful mermaid.”

One day Catla - Catla and fatty Rohu came with their investigatory answers of Cooper’s  father’s death.

Rohu,  “Mrs. Kafuebream,  your husband died because of  increase in the level of pollution in water.”

Mrs. Kafuebream  with a crying voice,  “How can it be possible in a duration of one month ?”

Catla - Catla - Its because  of the spectrum of chemical pathogens leading to Eutrophication.

Rohu - The river was situated near an agriculture field which releases harmful chemical substances such as nitrogen, phosphorous and also from industrial sites carries sodium, iron, manganese which clogs the gills of pisces.

Catla - Catla - Also the release of plastic substances, different waste materials and detergents by human being who used to come there.

Days passed, they observed the spreading of hydrophyte near their home.

While Cooper was going to play with spongy, he called Kaira to accompany him, but  she didn’t respond.  He called her again and again but her eyes were opened and no movement of fins.  Cooper then went near his granny fondling his fins over her wrinkled gills, but she too didn’t respond.

Cooper, “Mom, Granny and Kaira are not speaking.  I called them so many times.”

When his mother checked both their gills,  she found no continuation of respiration process.  

Mother, “Cooper,  your Granny and Kaira are no more dear.  They both had left us  cause God called them to heavenly paradise.”

Shedding  his tears, Cooper said, “Mo Mo Mom  but wh why ?

Mother,  “Mrs. Oreochromis,  your granny died,  due  to  Eicchornia crassipes  because of Oxygen deficiency.”

Yelling, he asked,  “Why Kaira left ? Who will play with me and spongy ?”

Mother,  “My dear child  don’t  lament. Kaira left us   because of algal bloom. The death of  Algal bloom accompanied with the decomposition of dead algae,  using more Oxygen  creating fish die off,  especially of your juvenile  sister.

Cooper, “Mom,  we aren’t  shield  anywhere.”

Mom,   “Absolutely my child,  I have decided we should migrate now to a new river.                 Go and say pip-pop to your spongy.

Hiding his emotions,  he went  near spongy and revealed everything.

With depths of despair,  spongy said,  “This friendship between a  paralyzed and motile  which hasn’t  been tied since birth,  only  created by us  is indelible.

Cooper,  “Yeah,  its Catchy !  Hope we may foregather in the next birth or may be on dooms  day.

After  having the endmost  hug,  both of them said Sayonara  to each other.

Days passed like the scenes of  a  movie.  Arrived the Christmas  Eve.  That day Cooper was sleeping on the lap of his mother.  There was joy and enlightenment everywhere on the name of Jesus.  Near the river  bank, a family  arrived for their outing.  Unfortunately,  they put the  fishing hook and caught her mom.  He got detached  from her lap and became aware that he is going to  loose her. In front of him, his  mother’s   fin and gills were cut.  She was crying for help.  Screaming loudly but finding none to help her.

Cooper finally lost all his nearer and dearer ones.  Its unworthy to accuse human beings for this as they hadn’t  even let the Godfather Jesus to live peacefully.

For  someone the day may consist a series of events  for celebration,  but for others  it may be an occasion of funeral.  This is life which gives no guarantee of the next few seconds.

Oh  heavenly,  
Am a small child,  an Orphan  whose voice can’t travel  through water medium and never reach you, but I know  my soul will radiate the  pathetic feelings  and despair  essence of my tale.  Realize the human being  not to mutilate  the panorama  of nature.  Hear  the voice of  an  autophile.

                                                       Priyanka Priyadarshini

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