Cooper’s Dream.

We all wish for our dreams to come true...we pray each day for ourselves and for others’ dreams
and wishes to come true.Have you ever had a dream that you wished never came true. Not for you,
not for anyone else!! He was a dream that came true for Joshua after years of wait. Little did they
both know, that this time they would have to wait longer than forever only to meet in heaven!!
Cooper pounced on him and licked the dirt off his face, he licked the sweat too!
The pouncing, the licking and the barking had become a routine for the last 10.5yrs. The time of the
day didn't matter to Cooper, neither did the weather. Tug of war with his rope toy and playing fetch
with a half filled bottle of water was his favourite game, which also was a part of his routine. Unlike
his owners Shannon and Joshua, cooper had a set routine for everything.
Today was no different, cooper had, had his tummy full with his meals and had played his round of
games with Joshua's niece, yet the barking hadn’t stopped.
Every little sound at the door, made cooper restless, he was also taken out of the house often than
his regular rounds of relieving himself.
There was something that only Cooper knew that the other members of the house didn't. It was
like he almost froze for a moment, he wagged his tail quietly and walked out of the door and came
back inside immediately after being called out to.
And then Sonya, Joshua’s niece heard her grandmother scream and cry at the same time, she
rushed in the hall room, the cell phone was lying on the floor and her grand mom wouldn't stop
crying and Sonya and other members of the house soon joined in.
Joshua and Shannon had been in an accident and unfortunately no one including the office cab
driver survived. The car was completely smashed because of a reckless attempt of a truck driver
trying to get past the green signal before it turned to red. I’m sure he never would have known
about, haste makes waste story.
They even took special permission from the church to allow Cooper at the graveyard. The family
members helped cooper drop some flowers and mud on the couples’ grave. That night Sonya and
Cooper stayed at the Church. The priest too melted seeing the tears of the 14year old and the yellow
All the visits to the doctor, sharing of chicken lollypop, cakes, pastries, popcorn, ice-creams and even
cold drinks. Trips to the beach and drives in the car with the wind caressing his droopy years. It all
came as a flash back to Cooper.He didn't bark that night at all.
Cooper didn't leave Joshua’s and Shannon’s room that night, he refused his favourite meals for the
next two days. It was only with a picture of Joshua and Shannon beside him, did he eat some
morsels of pedigree.
Cooper lost his playfulness. He didn't even greedily look at any of the family members while they ate
chicken. Bursting of balloons at a party was no longer his favourite game. He seemed to lost control
over his bowel movements too. He probably understood the family’s hushed talks of giving him up
to a pet orphanage because they were soon moving to Australia.
Sonya saw Cooper look out of the balcony and stare blankly into the sunlight . She thought she saw a
tear roll down his eye. Cooper’s tired eyes as he fell asleep.

All this was uncomfortable enough to wake up Joshua from his bizarre dream. Before he could call
out to Cooper and Shannon to give them a hug, he saw Shannon's call on his phone. He said hello
with a smile and he jumped out of bed on hearing Shannon frantically cry over the phone.
It took him a while to understand that Cooper had collapsed on the road while he was out for his
walk. Joshua rushed down to the road and all he could see was Cooper shutting down his eyes. It
was like he waited for Joshua until he breathed his last breath.
Dreams do come true, the only difference was that it was Cooper who didn't survive the heart
attack and Joshua didnt eat a morsel of food for 3 days.
PS: I lost my pet Amigo a year ago! Life has never been the same and never will. You will always be
missed my buddy. We love you.

-Sabiha Gulrays

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