Three Women- Beetashok Chatterjee

Three women at different stages of life (well two almost at the same) yet the story seems to keep pace with the reader’s imagination and experience of the written words. The story reads quick and delivers a punch every now and then. The sassy protagonist in the story never leaves a moment to excite or entertain the reader. A disease is not equated with misery but hope, and that is the flavour that one needs to take from this one. Characteristics like concern, jealousy, caring and regard are justifiably presented in the most likeable and acceptable manner. None of the characters jumps out of the story but blends themselves in.

Rhea, Bina and Ivana are amongst us. They are around to remind us that the life that we take for granted is actually granted to us, by the love and empathy of the others. A superlative flow of words, impeccable language and relatable emotions make this story a success. Wishing the writer great success in his writing, in the future. 

Artoon Kajal Kapur,

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