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Welcome, Artoons!!

The purpose of ArtoonsInn community is to bring together aspiring, professional writers who recognize and acknowledge the need for a writing sorority to encourage, support and promote writings by both individuals and collaborators.
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Every month we host a writing event with a central theme and invite all the aspiring writers to write. The monthly event calls for comments/feedbacks from fellow artoons so that they can hone their writing skills further.

Smuse is a platform to keep your gray cells working overtime so that you can share your creativity in a limited number of words based on the prompts provided.
Go to www.facebook.com/ArtoonsInn to Smuse your little tales as per the Smuses posed by various artoons.

We love any and everything which is written in good taste and suitable for all audiences. We highly encourage articles, blogs, poems about anything under the sun, posted on a blog. So feel free to share your blog links with the community. We are here to encourage fine works.

However, we have rules that we like all artoons to abide by

1. This community is for aspiring writers writing in ‘English’ as the primary language since we have artoons from all over the world.

2. NO SELF PROMOTION of any form. We discourage any unrelated advertisements and incessant self-promotion. The admins of the group reserve the right to remove such content and/or ban such artoon/s from the group.

3. No affiliate links, spam etc. We wholeheartedly welcome all budding/accomplished authors and would love to have you share your knowledge. You can share tools and products you found useful but it shouldn't be your affiliate link.

4. Constructive criticism is welcome however, if you are letting down others, commenting hateful messages or insulting someone you definitely stand a chance to be banned from the group. Remember, we are all learners here.

5. We may also invite some artoons to write a guest post on our website. You may connect with the admins at the email: artoonsinn@gmail.com to request for content that you think is a must to be on the website.

6. If you are seeking feedback for your work or assistance to edit, promote or share your writings, please contact the admins at artoonsinn@gmail.com

In case of any questions, feel free to write to the admins at artoonsinn@gmail.com

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